View Full Version : Icons, White Square Background

29-10-1998, 05:26 PM
Running Win 95, Pentium 133, 64Mb Ram, 1Gb Hard Disk,Hercules Thriller 3D. Display was set in Hercules to High Color 16 bit. Using Control Panel, display ,Settings tried to change to 256 colors but on rerun got 16 colors with mouse pointer a black square. Changed setting back to High Colour 16 bit every thing runs OK except all icons are on a white square with all desktop shortcuts being a white square with the S/C arrow, no icon. Defragged, Scandisk thorough plus First Aid, no errors found.Tried NZ PC WORLD Top 300 Tips, Tip 79. While it was OK on the S/C window it did not alter any other windows.Checked Settings, Mouse, Pointers, no black square shown.Checked Display Properties, Appearance & Plus but nothing re background.Some basic setting alteration for icons has created the white square. Any suggestions how to remove the annoying square. Have query with Hercules re method of changing from 16 bit to 256.Regards Frank