View Full Version : How do I partion a Sata Drive with XP installed

25-10-2003, 12:46 PM
I have a new System with a Gigabyte 7n4oo pro2 MB and I have a Sata 120 gig drive with Win XP pro installed and now I need to put a few partitions on it. I have tried Partition Magic 7 and That wiped all the Sata drivers and boot block and messed up the whole drive I ended up with the Message " Verifying Dmi pool data error "so I reset it up again using the Seagate wizard and now I'm back to square one , I couldnt use Fdisk because of the Sata drivers seemed to be needed on the Disk and the Fdisk would remove them and I then ended up with a un detected drive.
AS I have xp pro installed is there a way to add new partitions?

Thanks for any help

25-10-2003, 01:38 PM
Right click on 'MY Computer' and select Manage then you will get a box pop up with all kinds of options. Under Storage click on Disk Management and then click on the drive you want to partition and you should be able to create, format and remove partitions as you wish.

Big John
25-10-2003, 05:36 PM
I have 2 120GB set up as a RAID0 bootable array. I just used Partition Magic 8 to partition it. Worked a treat.
PQMagic is not reported to work with XP very nicely so is probably the problem. Upgrade to version 8 and it should be okay.

25-10-2003, 05:45 PM
I agree with Odin - using the disk manager is the easiest option as long as you don't have to change the partition that WinXP is installed on. You will be able to create and delete any other partition without any problems - unless you want to resize them, then you will need to use something like PM8