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20-10-2003, 08:03 PM
Hi all,

Hoping that I can get some help here as I've tried the other newsgroups and
had no joy. I'm building a booking database and have one problem. What i
need to have happen is a report/query/pivottable show that a certain
facility, say, M1 is booked between the 20/10/03 - 25/10/03. It should look
something like this:

20/10/03 21/10/03 22/10/03 23/10/03 24/10/03 25/10/03
M1 x x x x x x

I've tried newsgroups,google,websites and no luck.

Any or all help/suggestions appreciated. I'm running XP & Access 2003.


21-10-2003, 09:21 AM
Its pretty hard to tell you how to do this without a lot more information but roughly you will need a field in one of your tables to tell you if a resource is booked or not, something like IsBooked which is a true or false data type.
You will also need a DateBooked and a DateDue Field, both of type date obviously.
With this info you should be able to put together a query something like this

"select * from Table (whatever your table/s are called) where IsBooked = True and DateBooked >= 20/10/03 and DateDue <= 25/10/03"

You can then make a report or form based on this query.

Hope this helps. Its the best I can do without seeing the database.