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15-10-2003, 01:55 PM
I recently installed linux redhat into a separate partition on my hard drive which contained windows 2000. I skipped through it too quickly and did not create a boot floppy. So i decided to wipe the install and start again but my hard drive did not like this at all. I found that I could not boot anything at all from my hard drive. After reformatting and partitioning the hard drive using both driveworks and fdisk it still would not boot and had to go back to the shop to be reset to factory settings. Before i try this again i want to know how to SAFELY uninstall linux and restore the boot settings so as not to fall into the same hole.
Many thanks

15-10-2003, 02:01 PM
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the first thread here Here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=40504)