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22-03-2000, 01:26 PM
Asus v6600 AGP 32 MBGeforce + ALI chipset=bummer. I m running a AMD K6-2 350 on a GA5AX gigabyte MB with 64 MB of pc100 ram and a 2.1 seagate medalist HD. I have updated Bios for MB with the latest F2 version and installed the latest Vgart driver 1.65e from ALI and use the 3.68 detonater drivers from ASUS for the V6600 sd-ram Geforce that I have. This baby works awesomely BUT when you least expect it it locks up and not even the old ALT+CONTROL+DELETE will do anything.I have had the card tested and it's fine. Eden computers reackon that the MB is too slow for the Geforce as it runs at a max of 2x agp.I have pulled ouot all my hair and reverted to the S3 svage and the Voodoo2 that I had previously and now have the Geforce back in the box but it's very hard to go back to the older graphics system as everything is soooo Slowwww. Got5 any good ideas?send advice now -no charge.