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08-10-2003, 02:17 PM
Oh one last question toda.

My computer is k6 200mhz running win98se.running 64 edo ram.Now..I have a usb1 install.My dad is saying the mother board is too old it won't support usb2
Are there any softwares that can help me if this computer can run usb 2?
Usb2.0 into a pci slot!!
Usb 1.1 works.!!!

08-10-2003, 02:24 PM
You can purchase a USB 2.0 PCI adapter, however....

Your PC might not squeeze the life out of it, chances are you dont really need it unless you've just gone and purchased a specific peripheral that uses ONLY USB 2.0 and not USB 1.x!

So.. I guess Im saying you could, but you likely dont need to.

Hope this helps