View Full Version : Caller ID/Hyperterminal

21-03-2000, 01:40 PM
Subject: Caller ID.
phone line : Private line
Caller ID Status : Subscribed.

Situation :Caller ID does not display on computer. Caller display does display on phone.

Modem test performed: 'HYPERTERMINAL' keyed 'ATZ' to innitialize Then 'AT#CID=1' resonse 'OK'. This confirmed modem accepting Caller ID.

Incoming local phone displayed on Hyper terminal as repeated 'ring' 'ring' until ansered. No caller ID information displayed.

Information I look for should be after the first ring.

My Modem Info.
Make : Dynalink VoiceCard 33 Pro V1433VQH-X-(EGP)
Class 1/Class 2/ WP/V
Askey Corp. http://www.askey.com
Their indentification : ATI13 : V2.200-V34_ACF_DP1
ATH3 : EGP-01 NZL 040379
Driver: RCV336DPFSP Rev 44BC 96-C807246

Computer Information.
Operating Patform : Windows 98. Service pack Installed.
Computer specs :Pentium Pro. 75. 32 Ram.