View Full Version : Internet probs

06-10-2003, 10:58 PM
If the internet connects but then u d/c but then it wont let you back on...
what would be the cause if its not a isp problem?

answerphone? fax? buggered modem?

Jen C
06-10-2003, 11:07 PM
Hmm ... weren't you playing lucky-dip with your modem drivers the other day? You should confirm that you have loaded the right driver for your modem by identifying your modem more fully. This might be behind your problem.

That is, this is the same modem as before :)

06-10-2003, 11:09 PM
ahh should have mentioned that its a m8 thats asking me to find the problem as hes texting me regarding not being able 2 get online...

hes using winxp by the way

Susan B
07-10-2003, 09:44 AM
Is this a problem that has just started after previously being OK?

With my Win 98 computer's internal modem I started having similar troubles that I eventually cured by purchasing an external modem.