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Chao is back
06-10-2003, 10:51 PM
I'm getting an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ and I'm thinking of overclocking it to around a 3400+. I need to find a good heatsink which doesn't need the 4 mounting holes on the motherboard, since mine is Gigabyte GA-7NNXP and for some reason they never designed mounting holes into the board.

Right I can't use the Thermalright SLK-900U coz it needs the holes, and i'm not sure when the SLK-900A model is coming out in New Zealand, which uses the clips. So basically I've come up with a list to choose from and you lucky people can hopefully guide me on which would be the most suitable.

-Thermalright SLK-900A (if it comes out before the end of November)
-GlobalWin CAK4-86 Extreme Universal Cooler
-Coolermaster Aero7+
-Thermaltake Volcano 11+
-Vantec VA4-C7040 Aeroflow (although i read it has an annoying whine)
-And any other good fans you guys can think of


06-10-2003, 10:59 PM
Overclocking is so last year. I would suggest you buy the quietest one you can find.

07-10-2003, 08:03 AM
Put it this way, you WANT to over clock it to 3400+, there is no certainty that this will happen. Although someone else may have, all chips vary is quality of silicon, fab process etc etc. So often results of overclocks can vary hugely.

All of these HSF's are often very loud from the names i've read below (the SLK series is apparently the worst). Ranging from about 35db to 50db, which can and will be a huge annoyance. If you really want to get into over clocking i would seriously consider water cooling. It is near silent, and better than anything a fan could do.
This thermaltake model is a quick, model which is easy to put together, comes with everything you need, and compares in cooling temperature to the Thermalright SLK800 HSF. The noise is also near silent, and considering that the SLK800 apparently sounds like a dustbuster.

From Styles PC, the Thermaltake Aquarius is $229
And considering the SLK900U without a fan is $103, it will only work out to be $100 more, and a whole lot more overclocking potential, and the major reason... QUIET!

Hope that helps

- David