View Full Version : Disabling Onboard Video - When All Else Fails

05-10-2003, 12:55 PM
A new mobo - a PCChips (Hmmm BBQ flavoured even) board with SiS Savage (aptly named) video onboard.

Board manual says - stick card in restart machine.

Various sources online say "change bios settings to PCI or AGP" etc.

But none of this solved - what appears to be a common problem when trying to up grade to a new AGP card (and yes the board does have an AGP slot).

I would still get a black screen and concerned beeps coming from the box.

The AMI bios was dated 05/03 - but doing a BIOS upgrade (08/03) actually fixed the problem straight away.

So if you are running a cheap board - and have changed your bios settings to no avail - try checking with the board manufacturer for a bios update.

Of course you flash yr bios at yr own risk...