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04-10-2003, 02:10 PM
I have several cdīs that contain .wav files, they are a cd copy of some of my vinyl lpīs. I made them using gramofile running on Mandrake 9.1. They play ok on some stereos but not my new car cd player. Now I find I canīt even get Mandrake to mount the cdīs. This happens even with a comercially made audio cd, the error is ĻI could not determine the filesystem type and none was specifiedĻ
How can I get these wav files off these cdīs and how should I re burn them so my car cd player can read them??

Graham L
04-10-2003, 03:33 PM
Mandrake is trying to access them as digital data disks. It can't find a file system because they are audio tracks.

I'm not sure of this, but I have an idea gthat you don't mount them ... :D try cdplay or one of the other CD music playing programmes, which will probably just look for an audio disk in the CD drive. The ripping programmes should see them too.

Your car player might not like the fact that they are not commercial (pressed) audio CDs. The contrast of the writable CDs is much less than that of a pressed one. The (more costly) audio CD-Rs might work.

04-10-2003, 04:18 PM
Im of the belief that Audio CD's use the /dev/cdrom in general, as opposed to /mnt/cdrom because (as Graham said) of the File-system... Audio CD's dont actually contain one ;-)

04-10-2003, 05:16 PM
Not all CD players like CD-R disks. Even fewer like CD-RW.

Try different brands of media, including Imation Audio CD-R.

Its all in the "reflectivity" of the media.

Burn at the lowest speed you can

04-10-2003, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the replyīs.
I have foud that I can use cdparanoia to retrieve the .wavīs and get them onto my harddisk.
Any other tips on burning them?? Are .wavīs the right file to use or should I convert them to a different format??
I will try some audio blanks and a slow burn also.

04-10-2003, 09:25 PM
I'm just curious, but would 80min/700mb disks pose a problem too?

04-10-2003, 09:26 PM
I'm not familiar with burning in Linux, but you need to burn them as CD tracks, not as audio files. I know in Windows you can use burner software which you click on "Create an Audio CD", but i'm unsure about Linux.