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Billy T
03-10-2003, 08:39 PM

Fortune-telling by opening a book and selecting a
random passage

To my horror I have now discovered that there are around 110 different forms of fortune telling :O

I kinda stumbled blindly into about 95 new types while looking for something completely different! A brief foray into the murky world of Stichomancy tells me that I won't be exploring more than 10% of those available, so it will be edited highlights only from now on. :8}


Billy 8-{) :D
[b][pre]I can't understand why I didn't see this coming. :|

Jen C
05-10-2003, 11:52 AM
OK, this is one that people can try .... at least it doesn't involve hurling fish guts around this time :p

Gives this a go - first from a paperback book:

Arha hastened to through the narrow ways of stone to the entrance from the Undertomb, where Manan waited for her, squatting patient as an old toad in the dark. He was uneasy about her visits to the prisoner. She would not let him come with her all the way, so they had settled on this compromise. Now she was glad that he was there at hand. Him, at least, she could trust.

So .... this means that if I have to walk any dark paths .... I will have a toad to lead the way ?:| ... wonders if giving the toad a smooch will turn it into a prince ....
possible double-meaning to this prediction

Lets try a non-fiction book this time - my Nortons SystemWorks Manual:

File type: Hard disk master boot record, boot record, or system files (such as IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS) and floopy disk boot record and system files.
Action: Replace using the Rescue Disks or your operating system disks. For more information, see the online help

:O - that one doesn't bode well for my computer!

Hmmm ..... works of fiction are better for fortune-telling me thinks :D

07-10-2003, 04:00 PM
"Clive Anderson: Thank you Alan Latchley."
("Tragically, I was an Only Twin"; the Complete Peter Cook)

"I have taken the cheese and biscuits into the living room."
("The Silicon Tongue": Beryl Fletcher)

Those have to be two of the most humdrum sentences from two very interesting and eccentric books.

Think I'll stick to the Tarot cards.