View Full Version : Connecting case and PSU to motherboard

Chemical Ali
03-10-2003, 06:46 PM
Hi all

I have just purchased a new desktop style case (Aopen H400A) with PSU in which I have installed a 2nd hand motherboard I purchased recently.
I believe that I have connected the PSU to the motherboard and drives correctly but not so confident about the case connections (power/LED/reset button etc) although I've followed the motherboard manual as closely as possible.

However when I go to switch on -- nothing happens -- no power at all!
Fan not turning and none of the LEDs on the front of the case light up.
I'm presuming that I have the case connections connected in the wrong order but after consulting the motherboard manual 1 zillion times I still think it looks okay buy yet no joy!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

03-10-2003, 07:24 PM
check that power is getting to the psu - the cable is plugged in correctly and the switches are turned on at both the mains end and the psu end (if your psu has a switch that is)

also unplug all of your case connectors and only plug in the power switch. If that doesnt work, try the reset switch on the power switch jumpers (there's a chance the power switch is buggared, the reset switch should be ok) if that doesnt work, try turning your manual around ;)

03-10-2003, 11:33 PM
And what brand/make is the motherboard? usually cases are marked with labels to match the connections on the motherboard. And what is the mobo? Intel, or AMD? Usually if its a P4 mobo, or AMD, it needs the 4 pin molex for juice to the cpu, (for the P4 you do, dunno about AMD's), and the 20 pin power connection from the main power supply, so there's power! Also what is the power supply?? how many watts?

Also if u have the manual for the motherboard, check and see if the CMOS jumper is on the motherboard as the default connection. I think if you take this off (or if theres no jumper on it) your system wont boot either.