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18-03-2000, 04:52 PM
I am unable to download from Microsoft eg MS IE5, DirectX 7 or MSN Messenger Service.The same thing happens - file download takes ages, then as it continues an IE window appears on top saying 'IE cannot download from the Internet the mmssetup.exe from mmsjus.www.conxion.com. The download file is not available. This could be due to your Security or Language Settings or because the Server was unable to retrieve the requested file. OK.' The downloading file then disappears.I am currently using Win95 and IE 4. Security is set at Medium and will accept Cookies.I don't have a problem downloading other than Microsoft. I am not impressed that I have to pay for a toll call during working hours to MS as this is the first time I have requested their help in many years of computing. Can anybody else help, please.