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29-09-2003, 05:51 PM
Evening folks.
Trying to help a friend at distance to do some housekeeping on a newish XP Home OS. Tells me that cannot find Backup where I indicated (I have XPPRO). I seem to recall hearing that some versions of XP do not have backup facility. Can that be true? Thanks.

29-09-2003, 05:54 PM
if I am correct I heard somwhere that xp home does not come with a inbult backup software, Im on xp pro also

29-09-2003, 05:59 PM
WinXP Home does have a backup facility it's just not installed by default.

Check here:- http://sft-cyber.com/backup.htm

I hope this helps. :-)

29-09-2003, 06:02 PM
From the ElderGeek site:

Users of XP Home Edition that have tried to back up their systems may have been surprised to find that the Backup utility is not included in the default installation of Windows XP Home Edition. No Backup icon is present on the Start menu in Windows XP Home Edition, nor is Backup listed in Add Remove Programs for Windows XP Home edition. No mention of the utility is made anywhere during the installation, but it is included with Windows XP Home Edition. It's just necessary to do a manual install to prepare it for use.

To Manually Install the Backup Utility:

Insert the CD Rom and navigate to CD-ROM Drive:\VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP

Double-click the Ntbackup.msi file to start the wizard that installs Backup

When the wizard is complete, click Finish.

29-09-2003, 06:03 PM
Thanks Beama. Seems damned odd to me. I would have thought that it was a fairly basic and essential component of any system. Anyone out there running the home edition care to offer advice on what you use?

29-09-2003, 06:41 PM
Elephant and Godfather.
Much appreciated. Once again the Oracles have spoken. (Wonder which half-wit approved the release of that system.) Scouse

29-09-2003, 07:28 PM
I use Ghost to take a snapshot of each system when it has all critical applications loaded and running as I want them.

Then I do daily backups to a second removeable HDD on each system.
I back-up all files that I have worked on, and that have changed (incremental backup)

I back-up the entire e-mail system and attachments

Approximately weekly I burn the above to CD-R

To back-up I do not use any "software" as such, just a DOS batch file:

xcopy c:\data\*.* e:\p4\*.* /y/d/s
xcopy c:\"program files"\qualcomm\eudora\*.* e:\p4\*.* /y/d/s

This takes a few seconds only to run. I don't need to backup all the Eudora files, but its just as easy to do so.

While a backup system would compress the files, space is not an issue with removeable HDD. I have 6 drives that get cycled around with the last 3 being kept in a fireproof safe, along with the backup CD-Rs

I also periodically cross transfer the key data files between PCs over the LAN.

29-09-2003, 08:11 PM
*Copies and modifies batch file for own use*. Thanks godfather ;)

29-09-2003, 09:20 PM
Actually Godfather can you help me for the code in excluding files that I don't want copied, ie tmp files etc??

I want to backup my user profile in Documents and Settings, as that can be a real pain to lose all your settings. So far I've got:

xcopy C:\"Documents and Settings"\Powa\*.* L:\Stuff\Backups\Powa\*.* /y/d/h/r/e/

I want to exlcude files such as ntuser.dat etc, which can't get copied anyway because its in use, and tmp files. I did a xcopy /? command but it doesn't make much sense. All the ways I've tried don't work. Thanks!

29-09-2003, 10:24 PM
Either specify all the files you do want, or use wildcards to help.

Its not easy (AFAIK) to use an exclusion under command line structure.

I am sure someone will now prove me wrong, but that would be good anyway for what you want to do.

Wildcards are easy, if wanting all Excel documents .xl? will give all variants.
So, if there were a lot of documents you want that start with .j, use .j??.

I admit being able to use NOT .tmp would be useful (not to me, but to you) so wait and see if any DOS experts comment?

Babe Ruth
30-09-2003, 02:56 PM
Godfather (and et al),

Grab yourself a copy of ROBOCOPY - Robust File Copy Utility available as part of the Resource Kit Utilities for Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP from ResourceKit Tools (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9d467a69-57ff-4ae7-96ee-b18c4790cffd&displaylang=en). I have pasted below the command help from the utility. With the reskit comes documentation for most of the tools and there may(should) be a document ROBOCOPY.DOC otherwise look in the Windows Resource Kit Tools compiled help file (rktools.chm). Using Robocopy in a command script and (perhaps) including command input parameters will give you a very flexible copy/backup strategy if that is what you want.

Cheers, Babe.
Usage : ROBOCOPY source destination [file [file]...] [options]

source : Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination : Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
file : File(s) to copy (names/wildcards: default is "*.*").

Copy options: /S : copy Subdirectories, but not empty ones.
/E : copy subdirectories, including Empty ones.
/LEV:n : only copy the top n LEVels of the source directory tree.

/Z : copy files in restartable mode.

/SEC : copy SECurity info (both source and dest must be NTFS).
/SECFIX : FIX SECurity info on existing files and dirs.
/TIMFIX : FIX TIMestamps on existing destination files.

/MOV : MOVe files (delete from source after copying).
/MOVE : MOVE files AND dirs (delete from source after copying).

/PURGE : delete dest files/dirs that no longer exist in source.
/MIR : MIRror a directory tree (equivalent to /E plus /PURGE).

/A+:[R][A][S][H] : add the given Attributes to copied files.
/A-:[R][A][S][H] : remove the given Attributes from copied files.

/CREATE : CREATE directory tree structure + zero-length files only.
/FAT : create destination files using 8.3 FAT file names only.

File Selection: /A : copy only files with the Archive attribute set
/M : like /A, but remove Archive attribute from source files.
/IA:[R][A][S][H] : Include only files with some of the given Attributes set.
/XA:[R][A][S][H] : eXclude files with any of the given Attributes set.

/XF file [file]... : eXclude Files matching given names/paths/wildcards.
/XD dirs [dirs]... : eXclude Directories matching given names/paths.

/XC | /XN | /XO : eXclude Changed | Newer | Older files.
/XX | /XL : eXclude eXtra | Lonely files and dirs.
/IS : Include Same files.

/MAX:n : MAXimum file size - exclude files bigger than n bytes.
/MIN:n : MINimum file size - exclude files smaller than n bytes.

/MAXAGE:n : MAXimum file AGE - exclude files older than n days/date.
/MINAGE:n : MINimum file AGE - exclude files newer than n days/date.
(If n < 1900 then n = n days, else n = YYYYMMDD date).

Retry Options: /R:n : number of Retries on failed copies: default is 1 million.
/W:n : Wait time between retries: default is 30 seconds.

/REG : Save /R:n and /W:n in the Registry as default settings.

/TBD : wait for sharenames To Be Defined (retry error 67).

Logging Options: /L : List only - don't copy, timestamp or delete any files.
/X : report all eXtra files, not just those selected.
/V : produce Verbose output, showing skipped files.

/NP : No Progress - don't display % copied.
/ETA : show Estimated Time of Arrival of copied files.

/LOG:file : output status to LOG file (overwrite existing log).
/LOG+:file : output status to LOG file (append to existing log).

01-10-2003, 07:44 PM
Hi again.
Is there a simple way of using XP's backup direct to CD rather than going through the two step process described here:
The WinXP Backup Utility does not support backing up directly to CD recorders but you can accomplish the same goal in a two step process. Just be sure you have enough free disk space to hold your files so that the files will fit on a single CD because the Backup Utility will not prompt you for multiple CDs. You can accomplish the same goal by reorganizing your backup sets into two or more groups, with each one under 650 MB by backing up to a file first, and then copying that file to a CD-R or CD-RW disk. I use ZipBackup which doesn't need this process but my correspondent wishes to rely on XP Backup. Thanks