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26-09-2003, 02:48 PM
Does anyone have experience in dealing with Internet Explorer Script Errors?

I have installed an HP Scanjet 2300c scanner, and the HP Digital imaging software.
The scanner is recognised, and drivers installed. But when trying to open the HP Director application for scanning etc., I receive two Internet Explorer script errors. (Lines 261 & 185 in url director.htm), and the program will not proceed.

This is on a PC using Win98se with IE6 +SP1. Significantly the scanner & application work fine on another PC also using Win98se, but with IE5.

I have tried many things like: uninstall & reinstall the HP software, repair the HP software, repair IE6. Also searched the microsoft.com\support & HP internet support, where some fixes are suggested, but not for the above errors.

I have twice phoned NZ HP support. The first advice was to D/L & install all the windows updates & patches etc. I did this, all 13mb of them. No help, problem remained. It was a different person the second time I called, and so explained details of the problem again. He sent me an email of an HP fix, but it was for a different error, & not applicable to my version of IE6. It said in the "add/remove" to remove the SP1 of IE6, then remove IE6, then install IE6 again. Apart from the fact there were no options in my "add/remove of IE6 SP1 & tools" to do as asked I was unsure & did not proceed.

It seems there is a conflict between the HP software & IE6 SP1, which does not occur with IE5.

I'm sorry for the lengthy post, but I guess the details are important. Before I phone HP for a third time, if anyone can offer a solution for this problem, I would be grateful.

26-09-2003, 03:01 PM
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools | Internet Options | Advance Tags and disabled Script Debugging. This may not fix the problem but it removes annoying messages that this produces about script debugging.

Don't you love helpdesk? I am disappointed that I wasn't allowed to speak to people in helpdesk that did fix my problems, apparently you can't request to speak to a person within their team, well for Xtra anyway, so you have to put up with imbeciles, no offence to helpdesk, it's just a sad case when someone can confuse the helpdesk that they tell you something, and give you something you didn't need.

In your case Bazza, HP don't have to provide methods for uninstalling MS as it's not their product, you would have to speak to MS about that, but it would be nice if they could provide all service.

26-09-2003, 08:39 PM
Thanks Kame for the advice. I had already done the "disable script debugging" option, but the error msgs still displayed, & when one clicks on 'no' the 'HP Director' program opens an empty IE window, & so one cannot proceed.

In all other ways the IE6 on my PC is satisfactory. These script errors are caused when the HP software attempts to open their 'director.htm' url in Internet Explorer, that causes the problem in IE6, but not in IE5.

As you suggest, should one seek help from MS rather than HP? I doubt it, as the problem only occurs with actioning the HP software.

Many thanks for your advice Kame. The helpdesks are a frustration, and so I am hoping for any advice from PF1 people to solve this problem. Anyone?

With thanks.