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24-09-2003, 08:28 PM
First thanks to Phar, Buddha, Jester, Bmason and Agent for advice on 2 monitors. I am using Photoshop on Pentium 2, 450Mgz, 192Mb RAM and Matrox G450 2 head card. Seems that system resorses not enough. Is there any fix? And what if I will move to Photoshop 7? Regards and thanks. Taly.

24-09-2003, 11:14 PM
Photoshop relies a lot on your system resource, especially RAM and Hard Drive (swapfile)

If you are a snazzy graphics designer then you really need a high performing computer. P2 450MHz to me personally isn't going to cut it nor is 192MB RAM. Photoshop 7 my recommendations is a P3 800MHz with 512MB of RAM, to cut down less hard drive action which slows the system down.

I currently design my graphics on a Dual P3 1GHz, with 1GB RAM and I do think overkill but with what I do, I need high performance, although I use my computer for a wide range of things including programming and web designing, and I'm still thinking of buying another Multiprocessor PC in the P4 range, or whatever is considered high performace at the time. Hard Drive space is vital and having what you use intensively on a different partition to everything else is better, Photoshop doesn't like the swapfile being on the same partition it's installed on, although with 1GB of RAM you don't need a swap file as I hardly go over the 500MB range, only with 3D Animation/Movies but I've never had an out of Memory message before.

I think Photoshop itself should reside on it's own partition, seperate from the system partition and swapfile, in fact I think having your programs seperate to the system file is a good idea too.

If you think upgrading isn't an option, then you've got no cost, what I think is look at upsizing the RAM before anything else, and making sure you've got a lot of hard drive space for the swapfile, usually worked out to twice the amount of RAM you have but the more you have the less swapfile you need. I'd then look at the P2 450MHz (CPU) and upping the speed.