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24-09-2003, 04:28 PM
I'm currently doing a computer technicians course and in class our system had three operating systems
1) Windows 98 on c: 2) Windows XP home on d: 3) windows xp Pro on e:
using the windows xp pro bootloader

2day we were asked to load on windows2000 advance server onto f:, upon installation on windows 2k server, windows xp home and pro are now unable to load, we have been trying to use the recovery console to fix the boot and MBR but it has not been suscessful, is there anyway to solve this problem, or a full format of the whole system in order,

if there was a way to tell the computer to use Windows xp pro boot loader instead of windows 2k server, it would solve it????

does anybody have any ideas?

Ewen Dudson

24-09-2003, 05:09 PM
I know, its a pain huh!

You're going to have to run repair on WinXP (Not sure if doing it on Just one would work, but try just doing it with Pro, it should do...).

Boot off the CD and begin the install. It will ask if you want to repair or clean install. You dont want to repair just yet.

Carry on and it will say it's found previous installs, do you wish to repair these, choose Yes here.

That should fix it.

Its a known fact, install Win2K after XP on a Dual-Boot system and you've gotta repair XP :-(