View Full Version : Explorer and IExplorer Failing to run.

22-09-2003, 05:43 PM
Everytime I run either Explorer or Internet Explorer it comes up with an error and terminates itself. Of course when Explorer terminates the taskbar and desktop icons go with it too, but they come back. To get onto this website i used Outlook which is difficult and i am missing the ability to browse through my hardrive but start>run still works for browsing.

If anyone has experienced and solved this problem could they please let me know how, i have tried resetting my computer.

22-09-2003, 05:53 PM
Explorer work in safe mode?

What OS you using? windows??????

How the hell do you manage browse to a web site with an e-mail client??

22-09-2003, 06:12 PM
I will try it in Safe mode, WinXP professional.

Outlook can explore by using the address bar, just type out the address and it goes there, slowly.

22-09-2003, 06:21 PM
Thanks for that, it's something I didn't realise you could do.

22-09-2003, 06:25 PM
Get yourself a copy of spybot or adaware, know heaps of people this has happened to and it was all caused by spyware. Try making another user account for a temporary fix and logon with that.

22-09-2003, 06:42 PM
Check :-

1. themes.
disable any themes across the computer by turning off the Themes service. (If on)

2. Hotfix Q317277. if found in Add and Remove Programs in Control Panel, remove it.

3. Update Q323255, on the other hand, will help stop system crashes...make sure you have it.

4. scan for adware, spyware and viruses.