View Full Version : myob - aus vs nz

21-09-2003, 09:53 PM
does anyone know differences between the aus version and nz versions of myob? all i can maybe think of is when it comes to tax returns?
ne ideas?

21-09-2003, 10:47 PM
how gst is calculated is the one that pops into my mind straight away

Susan B
21-09-2003, 11:22 PM
Yes, the GST would be taken into account but would/should be customisable for the amount, eg increasing or decreasing from the current 12.5% NZ GST. Don't forget though, that the Australian GST is not right across the board like it is in NZ and the Aussie version could possibly take that into account.

I would suggest contacting the distributors to find out exactly what the differences are to save yourself a possible unpleasant surprise at tax time.

22-09-2003, 12:52 PM
I think it's to do with pronouncing the number 6 or Chips, sometimes I wonder if you can be correct in pronouncing it if you are half NZ and half Aussie.