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21-09-2003, 04:41 PM
Hi Guys, I am in the midst of moving to another rural location. I have been reasonably lucky here with internet conn. being very reliable and a reasonable speed for rural... However we had old overhead lines here replaced before i needed the internet conn. so i guess that would have made a huge difference??
The new house appears to have "old" overhead phone lines :-(.
Am i right in guessing this is going to most likely cause probs with connection being slow and getting dropped, on top of electric fence interference etc...
I am not that up on Phone lines etc... and am not sure if it is overhead just to the new house from the road or right along the whole road etc... (i will have a look next trip) - would that make a difference? i.e if it is underground along the road, then overhead from the road to the house?? If it is underground up to the property then overhead, would i be best to have the overhead to the house replaced?? Would that make any difference?? Seems to make sense it would ;-).
I would very much like to hear from any rural users using old "overhead" phone lines and what kind of performance they get etc...
And if anybody has any tips etc... for this kind of setup?


Jim B
21-09-2003, 05:02 PM
The only way to find out what sort of connection you will get is to try it out and slow your modem connect speed with extra settings if required.

Your major source of trouble will be electric fences as modems are not very tolerate of any noise or interference on the phone lines.

21-09-2003, 05:32 PM
Cheers Jim, I will use that tip on slowing the modem connect speed if i run into probs. That is just the kind of little tip i am looking for :-)

Thanks :-)