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21-09-2003, 01:40 PM
I have a prepaid mobile wif telecom...
on friday i went in to change it to a onebill plan so i dont have to top up every week and its just so annoying having to find someone 2 do it for me...
and it only gonna be $10 a month texting so bills wont be so high.,..
they said they were gonna ring when its being processed by telecom, and i said nah text me if its possible so yeah..
at 4:30pm they texted me saying its being processed by telecom right now.
i thought cool the service is pretty good...

all weekend texted no problems but starting a hour ago, i couldnt send anytexts...

so i'm guessing my plan hasnt been set up? did the shop just lie to me? or did they give it to telecom but they didnt set it up correctly?

How long does it actually take to set up a mobilephone on a plan?

21-09-2003, 06:01 PM
From what my brother-in-law at Telecom told me, as soon as you buy your new phone the plan is set up etc.

But for you, you just had your mobile phone's plans changed right? From prepaid to onebill? So am not too sure about how long it will take. But I would think it would be quick to change.

Is there any way that you can go back to the shop and ask them? like tomorrow or something.