View Full Version : Spam in one day

21-09-2003, 02:44 AM
Yesterday (ie, Saturday), I got a new email address with Orcon due to circumstances beyond my control that had happened with my old one.

Less than 14 hours later, I find myself with my first piece of spam.

Now, I've already got a bit of a complicated email setup - my outgoing messages go through the Avast! scanner, which sends them to IIS' Virtual SMTP Server, which will attempt to directly send my messages to the right hosts, or route them through Orcon's mail server if my machine can't do it.

However, I want to complicate this even further. Is there any free utility, application, service, etc that I can add in, similar to MIMEDefang (used by Orcon - www.roaringpenguin.com), except for Windows [XP]? Because I'm sick of spam. I'm sure we all are. And I tried MailWasher, but I don't like having the extra application to go through, and it doesn't support Hotmail in the free version any more.

Any suggestions?