View Full Version : Windows Rights Management Client 1.0

19-09-2003, 04:04 PM
Has anybody installed the latest Win XP update as per subject. In C;/Windows/Prefetch it installs a folder ACTMACHINE.EXE******.pf containing 3 files actmachine.exe, eula.rtf and privacy.rtf
The rtf files need a legal beagle of the first water to understand.
The .pf is not a recognised file but is usually privacy file *.
My firewall picked up the programme trying to go out as a new program.
It is not listed as a programme on Desktop, Belarc Advisor can't pick it up,
it is listed in Windows Installation History but no reference for removing it.
Trying to find a Plain English version of the purpose of the programme.
Guess I should have done some more homework before installing it.
Have to fossick MS Knowledge Base