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Greg S
17-09-2003, 01:09 PM
... wanna help me on this...?

I posted this request a few months ago, but had nothing positive, so here's my request again:
Hi. I've been sitting on a domain name for a while and finally come up with an idea what to use it for. The domain is miss.co.nz, and I thought of creating an online e-zine, targetting teenage girls. Content would include the usual drivel that I imagine printed mags of that ilk have, and I intend getting content and/or sponsorship from a publisher or two.

I doubt the site would make much, if any, money, but whatever profits it generates would be on a share basis. It would be a great opportunity for someone to showcase their design talents, because I'll market it extensively.

I have several ideas for it, and envisage someone who is very literate, preferrably female, maybe a student or a woman who's not too out of touch with teens, and who can spare 3 or 4 hours a month. The site will be largely self-managing once up and running, and we'll get an editor, agony aunt etc, and lots of user/member contributors, bulletin board, chat room and so on. Sound pretty flash?

Call me if interested! greg at mis dot co dot nz

17-09-2003, 01:24 PM
Just a small observation Greg, but as you start to build your publishing empire statements like "content would include the usual drivel that I imagine printed mags of that ilk have" might come back to bite you if your audience perceives you aren't treating them seriously :-)

Greg S
17-09-2003, 01:26 PM
Thanks, yeah. Wish I could edit that post!

17-09-2003, 01:52 PM
not saying im up for this as i dont have time spare anywhere, but what exactly are you asking the person to do?

design ? what - graphics? content of site or ? or just a overall picture of it?

you have to think of issues teenagers want to know about and also things they dont want to know but are important for their health and well being?
or up to date things to do and wear?
places to do or see? movies ?
clothing, makeup, cars?

sorry not much help really.

attitudes are important.

and who would sponser this? you have to look at issues some teenagers feel strong about to, GE free - a sponser that isnt may cause strife.

and market it where and how?


17-09-2003, 01:57 PM
> and who would sponser this?
teenager sites, Entertainment sites etc.....

Greg S
17-09-2003, 01:59 PM
>you have to think of issues teenagers want to know about and also things they dont want to know but are important for their health and well being

Yeah thanks Beet - exactly the sort of content I had in mind.

The person I'm looking for would basically contribute as much or as little as they wanted - probably in an editor role, while I'd continue to do all the server side stuff, graphics, content sourcing, design etc if they couldn't

> and who would sponser this?

Dunno yet - depends on the sort of feedback I get and the number of visitors

>and market it where and how?

Mostly on the internet, but I'm considering advertising on a radio station

17-09-2003, 02:33 PM
LOL its a bit flowery....
but yeah i think it may do well, im sure people on pf1 will give you plenty of feedback, and more so the ones around that age,
my children havent reached that age yet.
but let us know and we may be able to help in other ways.
id be glad to help, and so will other females on pf1,
keep us posted as to what is happening, the future is what you make it.

theres lots of people on pf1 will have good ideas and feedback for you, good bad or otherwise im sure.


17-09-2003, 02:37 PM
had a thought and ill probably get killed for this ... [edit by admin - yes you are correct Beetle, you probably will get killed for this. Info deleted at Susan B's request. Run away, run away, run away .....]

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Greg S
17-09-2003, 02:41 PM
Actually you're more help than you realise Beetle, thanks...

You got me thinking on where to get resources from, so here's a few that any lady PF1'ers could help with....

Articles - eg your experiences on computing as a female in a predominately male dominated field
Links - good NZ (or overseas) websites tailored for young women
Opinions - once it's up and running, contribute to the forums there
Advice - on subjects and other content for one-offs or regular features
Design - as I often say, I'm no graphic artist, so opinions on the aesthetics would be helpful (eg ditch the floral pattern!) lol
Spread the word - tell your daughters!


Greg S
17-09-2003, 02:46 PM
Thanks Beets - yeah she would be wonderful. Unfortunately she saw this the first time I posted it, and didn't offer.

17-09-2003, 02:50 PM
well im a gardener but that flower stuff is just a bit too cute id say for the age youre looking at.....

am glad im helping someone cos i aint much help here on the homework due tomorow!!!

my daughters not really old enough for this sort of thing and am used to having hoards of nephews so have always seen ruff and ready stuff, sports, motorcross and mud, and then later the alcohol thing and ragey parties with tremendous hangovers....
LOL just look i have to look forward to....

glad to help as youve helped me before.

dont be afraid to ask, we'll soon tell you no one is to shy round here on pf1... :D