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15-09-2003, 09:38 PM
hi there all
as you all know i have callista hospitality on my work puter and at times access the net off this puter for work,

but occasionally when getting onto the net or disconnecting from the net, i get a box popup saying i am trying to alter date and time on callista and this will alter details (or some such thing) and then proceed to click ok i understand and then it shuts the callista prog on me???

and in actuall fact i have not touched date or time or any settings on the work puter at all that would cause anything to happen,

but to make things no clearer than mud it does not do this every time i connect to the net. so does anyone have any ideas what may trigger it?

it does not happen all the time and it seems random, and still holds all information already logged into callista (no guest / booking info lost.

and as the puter always runs unless im doing updates nothing changes?

XP Home
Callista Hosiptality.



15-09-2003, 09:45 PM
If using XP, could be the automatic time check update. double click on your time/date at bottom right. Click on Internet time and untick "automatically syncronize" box.
See if that cures your problem.

15-09-2003, 09:52 PM
oh i didnt know there was such a setting, so went down and changed the setting and it still when hit apply did the same thing even though its not on the net at moment.

so will see how it goes from here.