View Full Version : USB modem won't install

10-03-2000, 02:29 PM
I am having trouble installing a
'DYNALINK' USB external modem model(V1456VQE-R2) on my Pentium 2 330MHz, running Windows 98.

I had no trouble installing a 'D-Link' internal 56 modem on the above computer.

Installation of the same USB modem on a Pentium 3 computer went without a hitch.

The USB port on my computer is supplying 500ma of power. The MR light on the USB modem is lit.

The setup system to find the USB modem driver etc on the supplied CD appears to have problems.
I downloaded a new set of driver/s from the internet to C:\dynalink folder. More problems it asks for a Com port, but although it says the modem is installed correctly, the computer tells me that the USB modem driver is faulty and the modem is not listed in the REGISTRY.

Question: Can this be a Bios problem?