View Full Version : JAUD1 on MSI Mobo custom "fanbus" audio jacks

14-09-2003, 12:20 AM
today I got 2 plugs from dse. 3.5mm stereo sockets. I drilled two holes in my drive bay bezel and got it all plugged into the right pins and stuff on JAUD1 on my MSI K7T266 mobo.

In the mobo manual it says that pins 5&6, 9&10 must be jumpered for signal to be delivered to the rear sockets or line out port will not function.

But does that mean both line out or just the line out because now my speakers won't work. They don't work with a plug in or out o the front panel.

Is there a way to get around this or do I have to go get a closed-circuit-when-unplugged socket (and what is the term for that?).

Also I have a few other q's even though the mic and speaker sockets on the front panel are workin fine.

what is the +5v pin and where do I put it?
what is the Mic power and where do I put it?
What is the headphone amp controller and where do I put that?
What are the left and right returns and where do I put them?

my 3.5mm socket has a arrangement like this

| -ground

| | | | -left



14-09-2003, 12:22 AM
>| -ground

>| | | | -left

damn i mean 1 at the top and four in line further down.