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14-09-2003, 12:14 AM
Since today, occaisonally when I have been using Outlook Express in Windows 98 to check my emails, when I select a folder to view, it displays 'Not enough memory/disk space' in the preview pane. This means that I can't see what emails I have sometimes, because of this dastardly error.

It also affected me sending an email, as I once again got the message 'Not enough memory/disk space - message cannot be sent' upon clicking Send.

Now, I've never had this problem before, and I've never heard of it. I know for a fact that there is no problem with my memory or HDD. I have approximately one fifth of my HDD free (1.3GB), and RAM cannot be a problem because it never has been before, although I only have 96MB assigned to the system.

Can anyone tell me where the problem lies? I know I have made many changes to the computer today, because I uninstalled and reinstalled a few programs, most notably Windows Media Player 7.1 in favour of Winamp3. It would also seem that Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Basic doesn't like to work without WMP installed, because upon reboot I received the message 'no CD recorders found', yet I have made no hardware changes.

I also installed the latest version of LeechGet, and have had to download Kazaa K++ many a time but to get it telling me that it cannot install the application file. I've downloaded the latest version from many sources, and always it gets stuck copying the executable file (kazaakpp242e.exe or something like that).

14-09-2003, 03:04 AM
Does this have anything to do with your allocated 'virtual memory"?
Don't remember or know about '98 but I had to increase mine in XP recently when I started to get not enough memory problems
A pox on Kazaa but :)

14-09-2003, 11:45 AM
I think your PC is in need of general housekeeping and a small fix.

Concerning OE, have you ever defragmented your folders? Empty the folders as much as you can, including the sent folder then empty the trash. Here's a hint, you can bypass the trash when emptying folders by holding the CTRL key when deleting files. Next, go to File, Folder, Compact all folders. This will effectively defragment your OE folders. and may in itself fix your problems, but there's more you can do.

If you're regularly installing - uninstalling trying software etc, then your registry and some/many of your files will have been altered somewhat.

First, sweep up and throw out the trash. Through the start menu, select Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup and clean out everything you don't need. You may have to restart a few times to keep your PC fresh.

Next click on Start > Run and type in MSCONFIG Go to the startup tab and disable all the extras you do not need to load at startup. Better still, uninstall the software you don't need/use. A reboot will be required. When you have finished all these steps, you can go back in and re-enable those you wish to keep, but keep in mind that some of these items may be the cause of your problem.

Now get your original install CD-ROM or floppies and keep them close at hand as you may be asked for them

Next click on Start > Run and type in VCMUI This checks for file version conflicts and offers to fix them.

Next click on Start > Run and type in SFC then press the run key.
This will check your system files and offer to restore those that have been changed.

Next reboot windows into DOS mode and type in SCANREG\FIX and press the enter key, let it do it's thing, then type in SCANREG\OPT and do the same again. While you're in DOS mode, try to find and remove all files within the Windows directory named index.dat. They will be hidden system files and you'll need to change their attributes before you can remove them, but don't worry about removing them as they will be rebuilt when windows restarts.

Next, use the Add/remove control panel applet to repair internet explorer. Select internet Explorer, then click the Add/Remove button and you will be prompted to repair as you can not remove it. Choose the repair option and let it do it's thing.

Now defragment your HDD

That's the housekeeping done. Is your PC running any better yet?

Now a word of caution to all users of Kazaa. If your PC gains a mind of its own because you have left it wide open for anybody on the internet to make use of it as they wish, then you will be in for trouble. P2P file sharing over the net without protection is like sharing needles between drug addicts. You're part of a community, but you're on your own as nobody is going to carry your monkey.

Mike P

14-09-2003, 02:52 PM
I discovered what the problem with installing Kazaa was...

I had downloaded the file klitekpp242e.exe to C:\My Shared Folder, and when the installer tried to write a copy of the file there, it would have received the message that the file was in use and could not be replaced. Of course, not being a very well made installer, it only told me that it could not write the file, and did not give any more specifics. I suppose that what you get for making C:\My Shared Folder your download folder, because I've started putting all my downloads in there, like Spybot, Winamp, Snort, SSH, MD5, AIDA32, etc etc. However, I think I might transgress to DC++, because my understanding is that I would be able to connet to a NZ server, and therefore find faster downloads for all my utilities, and perhaps some Linux ISOs.

Anyway, thanks for your help mikep. I knew about some of those more basic utilities, like msconfig and disk cleanup, but wow! Never knew about such things as Version Conflict Manager or System File Checker.

I think for the moment I'll stick to compacting my OE folders, and in the future I am looking to change my email client to one that is more secure, stable, and robust (I'm actually also looking to replace Windows with Linux, because Microsoft will soon stop support for Windows 98).