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13-09-2003, 12:22 AM
Just bought Office XP Standard - it seems pretty clever and fast.
I'm keen to get a large response of peoples favorite tips and tricks (likes and dislikes as well as). I must admit I am fond of microsoft stuff. Anyone out there can you please send all tips you have discovered or developed your own.
The first tip I have used over the years works in word. If you want to selectively remove files from your recent file list press these keys together 'Ctrl Alt and the minus key (numbers under the F keys not the keypad. Press these together and your cursor turns into a black like that you can pull the menu down, scroll to the file you don't want there, click and it disappears. your cursor then returns to normal. You can do this for all your recent files but keep the ones you want - very sneaky.

13-09-2003, 10:02 AM

Here is a link worth looking at if you want Office tips as well as Windows and XP, you can sign up and get newsletters each week for the various ones, some very good tips in there from time to time.