View Full Version : Windows ME - Wave - passwords

10-09-2003, 02:48 PM
Had a distress call from a friend with Win ME ISP is Wave

For some reason email is being received but none can be sent.

Has to keep typing in password to connect - think it has always been automatic before.

Seems to have several passwords when going into msconfig - Start ini. Was wondering if all the passwords were deleted would it then reset the password for internet connection.

Something was said that Tweakui had been used. Ticked Auto Logon - has always typed in password before and whether this is all coincidence or not that seemed to start problem

Friend is the only user of the computer

Have suggested Unticking Auto Logon. Shutting down Comp. properly and then seeing what happens when started up again. Have also suggested Wave be contacted to see if they can help with password for connection to internet

Any comments would be appreciated. Does anyone know if Wave have a virus filter like xtra does