View Full Version : Hard drive install woes

08-03-2000, 04:02 PM
Help.... I have a Pentium 200MMX, 64Mb RAM 4.1 Gig HD plus a 810Mb second HD, running Win98 (upgrade) with SP1. I installed a second hard drive only to find the primary drive had been blown away and Windows wouldn't load. I re-formatted the drive, FDISK with ne DOS partition and proceeded to rebuild Windows 95 from scratch but constantly get blue screen 'fatal exceptions' type 0E, 06, 0D at various address locations during the auto-detection of PnP devices.
I disconnected all PCI cards except my S3 Virge video card and still got crashes during PnP setup. Both drives are available, can be seen, read/write etc. A friend suggested it's the BIOS having conflicts with the new device but the problem remains if I remove the secondary drive. Any advise appreciated.