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05-03-2000, 10:27 PM
I have a problem that I am hoping that you can help me with.
2 days ago my son purchased your 'Best of Stratergies' CD. He could only run a few of the games which is frustrasting but what is worse is the effect that it has had on his computer.
Since using the Cd he cannot use his Cd drive properly. He can listen to music from the Cd, what videos from the Cd and install from the CD.
However, when he installs a programme that requires the CD to be present to run it crashes his machine (by crashes I mean, the Cd spins up then dies, spins up then dies etc and the programme will not run). He has tried to install the following games- Privateer, Command & Conquer (Tiberian Sun), Dune 2000, Fallout 2, Ceasar III, Commandos and some add ons from Windows 98.
He has a Celeron 300, 40X CD, 128 meg ram, 13 gig HD. He is running Windows 98 & IE5. His system has not crased at all before using this CD and now his CD rom is pretty much usleless.
Is there any software that is installed on your 'Best of Stratergy' that could be causing this problem. He has tried cleaning his CD with no joy.
We have contacted the maker of the Cd you said that he would supply us with a new one and suggested that we clean the Cd drive.
Can you help us at all. As our Windows 98 is an upgrade (and we presume not able to be booted from BIOS) we are relutent to format and start again.
Vaughan Shaw
PS could I have any response as soon as possible as this is a major problem for us.