View Full Version : for people with dial-up and with XTRA as well

02-09-2003, 11:55 AM

I am just wondering, my friend who are using Windows XP Pro, and using XTRA dial-up...

his problem is when looking at webpages, it takes tonnes of minutes to load...

and also, when connected, he press the icon on the taskbar (where it said how long u online that sort of stuff), the speed shows at 52.0 yesterday and this morning and before i have a checked, he only regularly have 19-21... is there something wrong?

the reason i can make 52.0, i hv entered the proxy server for xtra and also enter the DNS ( and before hand nothing being type and only can have 19-21

there are couple of issues that I am thinking
* my friend currently have a call-waiting active
* do we really need proxy server for xtra (proxy.xtra.co.nz:8080), if i don't put it in, the browser basically doesn't load and the speed will be slow
* for the worst senario, is that necessary to re-format the machine again for better performance
* his area is old, but the street is new (some of the property still under construction), would the speed be affected by that?

his computer is a pentium 4, 1.6GHz, sorry don't remember his modem brand...

thanks for your help

02-09-2003, 04:49 PM
The proxy speeds up receiving pages as it caches the page, which means you need to force the proxy to reload a current page or else you could be viewing days or even week old pages.

It may sound silly but lowering your modem speed sometimes increases page loading, since it'll have a more efficient connection. Same thing with sending faxes overseas, as slower means more accurate data transmission.

Call Waiting should be disabled, as it can interfere with your connection when someone is calling, plus I think they'd prefer to get an engaged signal rather than waiting for no one to answer the phone.