View Full Version : More Sound Problem

04-03-2000, 05:31 AM
Hi, thank you for replying to my problem last time, I tried taking out the sound card then put it back in, let PnP detect it, but it still hasn't solve the problem, when I start up the computer, the ssound icon on the system tray still wouldn't load itself up, is this problem got anything to do with my registry (because I have been messing around with it), OR does this has anything to do with the sound driver (Yamaha has done a bad job on it: when PnP detects my sound card at the fist start up after reinstalling the sound card, it asked for the driver, so I put th CD in, it says it couldn't find it on CD, but then I pressed 'cancel' and enter Windows 98, and I had to install the driver manually, find the driver on CD, then install.)

PLEASE can answer someone answer this question, I'm very desperate.