View Full Version : upgrade problems

01-03-2000, 08:39 AM
I have been using a PII 233Mhz system with 32Mb memory and Soundblaster 16 sound card.
Recently I had the memory increased to 64Mb and swapped the 33.6K modem for a 56K model. Then the problems started.

The most apparent problem is that sounds (wav files and windows sounds)now do not play smoothly. They stick and echo as they play.

The mouse and keyboard responses in some (not all) aps have also deteriorated; there is a very small delay between hitting the key and the movement of the cursor. This is only really apparent to a regular user: the workshop boys dont think there is a problem, but I know it is there.

We have also had many more windows crashes since the upgrade, including a FAT error.

I have had the machine back to the shop twice, the last time for microscopic memory test (4 days) but all to no avail. The workshop cannot find anything wrong.

Any ideas? Especially about the sound quality?