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01-03-2000, 05:54 AM
To the PRESS F1 TEAM or other readers who can solve my problem:

My computer, which I assemble myself during the holidays is equipped with a PIII-500 CPU, 128Mb of RAM, a 13Gb HDD, a 32Mb TNT2 3D accelarator and a YAMAHA 734 sound card.

Now here is what my problem is: when I start up my computer, the little sound icon on the system tray just won??t show up, but when I restart the computer, it comes back again, I tried many thing to solve this problem, which I think that I just made it worst,
here is a list of what I did:
?? I reinstalled the sound card driver again both in safe mode and in normal mode
?? I reinstalled the card itself which I changed it to other empty PCI slot without first uninstall the drivers, then I changed the card back to where it was, so I think there are two drivers for the sound card for the two different slots.
?? Also I went to ??Run??, ??msconfig?? before to disable some startup app, I don??t know if that does anything to the problem.

So, can anyone please e-mail me the solutions to my problems, any suggestions are welcomed, please help, this problem has been bugging me for some time now.

My e-mail address is: wu1985@hotmail.com