View Full Version : Sound wrong with Power DVD (??)

25-08-2003, 01:48 AM
I have an AOpen DVD 1648/LKY. Everything appears to be set up correctly (cables in correct place, etc.) but when a DVD is played the sound is..... crackly! It's a bit like an old scratched vynal but draged in to the 21st century.
I also have a CD writer on the Scondary IDE which is actually the Master (so the DVD player is the slave!! :)
Any ideas if say it may be in the settings some where? Or maybe I should be altering the sound cable or even making the DVD Player the Master!!?

25-08-2003, 11:10 AM
what dvd software are you useing?
what sound card do you have?
what speed ide connection does the motherboard have and do you have an 80 wire coble on it?

25-08-2003, 01:34 PM
try reinstalling sound drivers or dvd software , may be a codec problem ??

25-08-2003, 11:59 PM
How long have u had this problem?

26-08-2003, 12:52 AM
By cricky, people! Excelent!
1 PowerDVD
2 Onboard (at presant!!)
3 Hmm, speed!?! Don't know, but the FSB is 133MHz
er and 3a No a 40 wire cable.

Will try that, but everything is 'new' (month old) (?!?)

Well Ididn't think I had a problem with the first few DVDs I played (not sure why, maybe going deaf with old age :) ) but when I got the box set of Disneys Fantasia and (maybe) listened a little bit more closely to the music, noticed something odd. Then checked with my 'older DVDs and low and behold.... So maybe (most likely) from day one!

Regards, and ta very muchly for the speed


26-08-2003, 04:23 PM
check sound drivers and install a 80wire cable as most dvd players are ata66.

26-08-2003, 06:13 PM
That sounds like the same noise mine makes. See post about 3 down., except mine goes away, when i go into PwrDVDs audio configuration dialogue. Does yours do that?

27-08-2003, 01:38 AM
Er, forgive me but I'm a little slow here! An 80 wire cable instead of a 40 wire cable!! ? I'm not sure if the motherboard will take an 80 wire cable. Could that be the problem? Also, it only came with a 40 wire cable!!!


27-08-2003, 01:45 AM
I'm not sure what you mean by "See post bout three down." sorry!
I have had a play with PowerDVDs configuration but as I'm a little short in the knowledge department, I may be doing more harm than good. Besides, my seeing eye cat just wants to play with the mouse!!! :^O

I'll have another peek, a?


27-08-2003, 11:01 AM
odds are the cable you have connected to your harddrive is an 80wire cable. looks like a lot of fine wires compared to the 40, most pc's come standard with one 80 and one 40 wire cables. drop into your nearest pc shop or pc tech they should have one there. (i'm asuming your motherboard has ata66 or better, need make/model of motherboard to be sure.)

29-08-2003, 11:25 PM
Well folks, did a lot of digging, putting my finger where I most likely shouldn't have and finally discovered (many changes of cable, settings updated drivers etc.) thet..............................................

The drive itself was faulty. :_|

So that answers that. One replaced, new DVD drive and no more problems.
Out of my hands now as to what the matter actually was, but it has been suggested the laser was 'ill'. I don't believe a word of it myself, but it's all better now!!! :D

Thanks all.