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23-08-2003, 11:56 AM

Is there anyway i can save streaming audio.
It runs fine when i am online connected to the website.
But i cant save it to disk. It playbacks only on Real Player
(i am running Real Player 8.0 Basic)

Are there any software available which can do this for me or perhaps i can search for some location on my PC wherethe file is stored temporarily.

Cheers :)

23-08-2003, 01:30 PM
My understanding is that they often try to prevent people from saving this stuff. Quicktime often does that. You can sometimes be clever and spot the file in your temporary internet files and save it from there before it is deleted (search for the file type eg mpeg or mov). It doesn't always work but it is worth a try.

Graham L
23-08-2003, 02:59 PM
We've had this before ...

Try entering "streaming audio capture" to the search fetaure on this page. You will find a number of suggestions. About the 3rd or 4th match, and the 19th, look good prospects, but have a good browse. :D

Terry Porritt
23-08-2003, 03:42 PM
I do this a lot, and use Real Encoder 5.1 with Win98 OS. Real Encoder 5.1 can still be downloaded I think from the Real archives, but it doesnt work with Windows XP.

This is one site (http://jimhartley.com/xp.html) that gives info on downloading and using Real Producer with XP.

23-08-2003, 05:08 PM
Thankx guys,

I will try that Terry. Seems promising.
Will also try and see if i can spot it in the temp files folder Robo.

Cheers :)

23-08-2003, 07:01 PM

I have downloaded Helix producer.
Can you give me a brief descrption on the steps you go thru to
save streaming media thru real producer/ Real Encoder.

I am trying to save from a website which streams audio using a small window that pops up and it shows Real player running streaming audio.


Terry Porritt
23-08-2003, 08:07 PM
Well I havent used Real Producer, so I can only describe what I do with Real Encoder 5.1 and Windows 98. It's bound to be somewhat different with Producer and XP.
First in Win98, the Volume control icon is opened and via Options-Properties-Recording, the Mix volume control is ticked and selected.
This will direct streaming audio to an encoder as if it were from a media device connected to your line in.

In Real Encoder, there is a recording wizard , I select Record from Media Device, then choose Capture Audio (also there is the option to capture video), fill in the clip details like title, copyright, author etc.
Then a recording quality can be selected which is in terms of modem speeds. I choose 56Kbps which is adequate for the type of old-time music I record, then select the type of audio, this would generally be music with vocals.

Then there is a file name and destination to fill in, and finally the window comes up with a start/stop recording button, a volume level indicator, and a summary of the details that have been entered.
A .rm file is made which can be as big as you like.

I sometimes record overnight for about 10 hours which at the mono quality level selected gives a file of about 150MB.

Both Real Encoder and Producer are for producing Real Media files for downloading or streaming from a web site, so have more features than you really need just for encoding audio and/or video.

23-08-2003, 08:59 PM

I tried recording it but only thru a mic sitting next to the speaker.
Is that what you mean?

Well when i try to open Volume control icon, it gives
Options-Properties-Recording fine. But i cant see "Mix" volume control.
All i have is: SPDIF-In, CD Digital, MIDI, CD Audio, Line In, Microphone,
Auxiliary, TAD In, Wave.

The mixer device is: SB Live! Wave device.
And thru Helix Producer the 2 options given for audio input is:
SB Live! Wave Device and Modem #1 Line Record.
I tried Modem#1 Line record option but it does not record.
Only does it when i select SB Live! Wave Device thru Mic recording option ticked in Volume control properties.
Hope you can shed some light on this.


23-08-2003, 09:24 PM
Hee Haaa :D

It works!!!
I just figured it now....had to tick "wave" from recording options
Saved as *.rm file. Then ripped it to *.wav/*.mp3

Cool now i can burn it to CD easily!
Thankx Terry, without you pointing me to the recording options of volume control, i would be sitting here whole night. ;)

Cheers Buddy
:) :)

Terry Porritt
23-08-2003, 10:18 PM
Good. Those recording options vary with ther operating system, and also I think with the sound card software. I seem to remember on my system Mix was Stereo Mixer with a previous sound card, so it will be trial and error, as you have discovered, to see which one corresponds to selecting streaming audio rather than a device like CD or Mic.

Glad its working :)