View Full Version : Will intel motherboard (SE440BX-2) support a sdram with the speed of 133 mhz?

29-02-2000, 02:40 AM
Dear Sir or Madam,
I have a question regarding the new sdram pc133 Mhz. Will my Intel motherboard support it? Currently I have 64 Mb sdram pc100 Mhz and a 32 mb sdram pc100 Mhz and i'm planning to add a 64 Mb sdram pc133. Is it allright to do this? I have researched the whole intel homepage about this and they seem does not have it. I also look for the email and I did not found it. Can you please answer my question? My intel motherboard specification number is SE440BX-2.
Thank you for your help and I'm looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards
Bram Kusnohardjo