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20-08-2003, 12:53 AM
Hello there...While looking for stuff about the Lenoxx I found this, which is interesting even if it is not a model found here. I'm quite pleased with my one and have worked out enough of the controls to go on with but I am still stuck with playing mp3 files. The machine says "disk loading" but when it stops..that's it..nothing. The mp3s are just standard music files on a closed cd-rom but I can't get to see them listed or start them playing. If you can see a next step that I am missing I would love to know what it is. Otherwise I'm pretty durned pleased with it.


21-08-2003, 11:51 PM
Billy-T....Bump..just in case you missed this....Cheers K.

22-08-2003, 12:06 AM
There are quite a few DVD players that will not recognise CD-R media, or are very fussy as to which CD-R media are used. To do with the wavelength of the laser and the reflectivity of the disk.

Strangely enough, most will recognise CD-RW media. Perhaps eliminate the media first? Have you tried playing a normal copied audio CD (not MP3 format)? That would eliminate media as a cause.

22-08-2003, 12:10 AM
My first dvd player refused to play mp3's with bit-rate errors and mp3's encoded at the higher end of the scale.

26-08-2003, 12:58 AM
Thanks for the replies folks...My player plays shop bought music CDs OK and right now is playing Glenn Miller burnt to a BASF cd-r OK also. I will see what brand of disk the one that fails to play MP3 files is and try again on a different brand. The speed was probably x4 which is my old writers top speed. I'm finding the DVD experience is quite an up and down road. The new movie disks that I bought it for run just fine but rented movies have been mostly less than great. One had a loud hum and also, around halfway started re tracking in a loop of about 10 seconds...we never did discover who dunnit! The same night the next disk started to vibrate loudly and enough to feel with my hand on the top of the box. The disk had a bar code label next to the centre hole and I thought that that might have unbalanced the thing so I cut a parcel label to match the barcode and stuck it on the other side of the centre hole.
That seemed to do the trick... but it sure was not the most relaxed evening we've had. Tried my new disks again before going to bed and they were fine, heaps better than tapes. . I would be interested to hear if others have had these sorts of intros to DVD. I'll let you know if a different brand of disk fixes my mp3 problem. Ken.

26-08-2003, 02:50 AM
Nope,cant say ive had any of those issues,id be a bit put out if i did.

having said that,i had an $800 dvd player die a week before the warrenty ran out,it went in for repairs and the shop told me 3 months,i went crook and was pretty much told to get lost,contacted philips head office in Auckland and they agreed 3 months was redicules and informed me it would be taken care of(this was about 6 weeks into the drama).

Anyway 2 days later the repair shop rang and informed my wife(i was out of town)that out of the gracisness of their hearts they would replace the player rather then make us wait for the parts to fix the old one.

Service like this disgusts me,the shop were insisting on fixing the faulty player in order to get paid for the work,rather then do the right thing by the customer and replace the player.Then to top it off they act like they were doing us a good turn,when it was me expressing my dissatisfaction that sorted out the issue.

The guy i talked to at the Auckland office seemed generally surprised that the shop in question had elected to wait for parts that he himself said had little chance of ever turning up due to the model of player not being made anymore and the supply of parts sitting at next to zero.

whoa...didn't reaise i had so much to say...

Now i have a brand new dvd plaayer,half the size of the old one and packed with dozen's more features.....although im a little disapointed they removed the function where you could access the internal functions via the remote and remove all regonial locks....

26-08-2003, 02:52 AM
ugh...i need an edit button.

27-08-2003, 11:21 AM
Nope, have had no problems whatsoever with my Panasonic DVD player (touchwood). The Hired DVDs from Civic Video are in pretty good nick though so that may have something to do with it.