View Full Version : No Display Driver

19-08-2003, 09:09 PM
My Pc has been "packing a sad" for the last week or so when I boot.It tells me that the Display driver is missing & then goes into safe mode or stops or hangs.I have been able to get up & running eventually but only 16 col- 640 x 480. In view of previous situation I'm not keen to once again alter the display settings. As the monitor (an old KTX) is plug & play I don't have drivers to reinstall. This is why there are no Driver Display folders Yes??? Anyway I am contemplating getting a new 17/19 " monitor.As no doubt this would come with drivers would it solve my problem? Any suggestions? Would disabling P n p & rebooting help? I'm really out of my depth here.Solutions please

19-08-2003, 10:23 PM
A display driver is that which drives your display, or more commonly known as a video card.

If you've got the driver disks for your video card try reinstalling them, it seems that is the most likely problem - I guess the driver was uninstalled, or corrupted stopping it from loading.

If you haven't, post the brand/model/make of your video card and I'm sure drivers can be tracked down.