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16-08-2003, 12:26 AM
Every time that I thing something looks "interesting" and I try to install it, uninstallsheild comes along and shoots me down.

It says

UnInstallshield is running. Please close and try again

Error 432

What is up with that huh? Theres no process or applications running that could nanopossibly be using this. I've tried killing all the processes I could but still, some things won't install. eg FinalData Basic off the PCWORLD cd. t's only started since I installed windows 2000.


Murray P
16-08-2003, 02:27 AM
Installshield have a pretty good site for trouble shooting. Interestingly I've had a bit of trouble with it lately too, on win2k after updating a couple of weeks back. Different error but give the site a look over, Installshield (http://support.installshield.com/error_central/).

HTH Murray P

16-08-2003, 12:16 PM
Cheers Murray,

PRB: Error Message, Setup has detected that unInstallShield is in use. Please close unInstallShield and restart setup. Error 432, Appears When unInstallShield Is Not Running
Document ID: Q104333

This article applies to the following:
Product(s): InstallShield 5.x Professional
Last Revised On: 09/20/2001

When I try to run my setup on a particular machine I get error 432 during the setup initialization. The error says that unInstallShield is running, but it is not. There is nothing else running in the background nor is anything related to InstallShield running in the Task Manager. Why is this happening?


This could be happening if IsUninst.exe is corrupted on a particular machine. This could also happen if the user running the setup does not have administrative rights. IsUninst.exe is the InstallShield uninstallation file, and when it is corrupted it might appear to be in use even though it is not showing up as a process that is running in the Task Manager.


Verify that the user has administrative privileges. Delete all instances of IsUninst.exe from the Windows directory and try running your setup again. If IsUninst.exe cannot be deleted because it is in use, try to reboot the machine and run the setup again.

thanks again, i'll go see if it works.