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14-08-2003, 11:40 AM
Can anyone tell me what this program does.
My firewall picks it up trying to phone home every time I dial up the internet. I don't like it! and would like to know what it is trying to do

Murray P
14-08-2003, 01:41 PM
MS Query Manager. Something to do with updates and/or loadqm, look for it in your start up's. If I'm right and you don't want windows update running uncheck from your start up list in msconfig. What OS?

Cheers Murray P

14-08-2003, 01:57 PM
I am running win98. What concerned me is that this just started happening after I had some mysterious goings on with the computer and a few strange programs suddenly dialling up at a time when my firewall had been disabled. Thanks for your reply, by the way. I should state that I know only enough about computers to be dangerous to myself so you reply doesn't mean too much to me. I will read it again and see if I understand.
Cheers, r

14-08-2003, 02:30 PM
A Google search on "loadqm" brings up the following content from this page :-

Description of the Loadqm.exe File
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows 98
MSN version 8.0
MSN version 7.2
MSN version 7.0
MSN version 5.6
MSN version 5.5

This article was previously published under Q309418
When you install MSN Explorer, the Loadqm.exe file is added to the Startup folder, and Loadqm.exe then starts each time you start your computer. Loadqm.exe loads the MSN Queue Manager component which manages queuing for the background file-transfer mechanism that is known as the drizzling service.
The drizzle component runs as the Loadqm.exe launcher, and because of this, global drizzles can only be run in the current user context. This feature is required to enable WU AutoUpdate.

The Drizzling service is the preferred way to transfer data to the client for background tasks and system services by preserving the end user experience by not affecting available bandwidth. Requests to the Drizzle service are submitted and the files can be transferred in a throttled manner so that the interactive user is not affected by the bandwidth that is consumed.
How to Disable the AutoUpdate Feature
To disable AutoUpdate:
If you can already view protected operating system files, skip to step 2. If you cannot already view protected operating system files:
Double-click My Computer, and then click Folder Options on the Tools menu.
Click the View tab.
In the Advanced Settings box, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click to clear the Hide File Extensions for Known File Types and the Hide Protected Operating System Files check boxes.
Click OK.
In My Computer, double-click drive C, double-click the Program Files folder, double-click the MSN folder, and then double-click the MSNCoreFiles folder.
Right-click the Msn6.ini file, and then click Open to open the file in Notepad.
In the [msn6] section of the file there should be a line that starts with AutoUpdate=URL. Change the line to AutoUpdate=0.
On the File menu, click Save, and then quit Notepad.
Restart your computer.
Note To turn on the AutoUpdate feature again, change the AutoUpdate=0 line to AutoUpdate=1.
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