View Full Version : Secondary Video Card

26-02-2000, 09:21 AM

I have just bought a Nvidia TNT 2 3D Accelerator (AGP) Card. Since it's a 3D only card, I would assume it's a secondary video card (my primary is a voodoo rush 2d/3d). However, Windows 98 can't seem to recognize the fact that it's a secondary card and displays a message in the System Device Manager saying 'Multiple Display Support' cannot start this device. But as I know, M.D.S is concerned with multiple monitors and I only have one monitor (ViewSonic E655, Plug 'n' Play enabled). So the video memory my 3d accelerator is still unable to be added onto my original video card and I am still using my old card for playing 3d games, so please help me to solve this mystery.

- James