View Full Version : Hard disc failure??

24-02-2000, 09:42 PM
I have a second hard disc on my system that I use for back-ups downloads etc. While using the computer today I noticed that this drive started making noises as though it were writing data to the disc.

Thinking that the disc might have been on the way to failing I thought I would see if I could copy some of the back-ups onto my main hard disc. While doing this there was a loud mechanical scraping noise from the second disc and the noise stopped.

On a restart the disc action has started up again and is still going consistently. Now I have found that the folder I was trying to copy is empty!

My questions are:

- is the hard disc likely to be failing?
- have I lost what I had in the folder concerned?
- what can I do about preserving what is left on this disc?

I tried disabling the disc in the BIOS but it continues to run and run noisy.

The hard disc concerned is a Quantum Bigfoot 1.2GB. My main H/D is a Seagate 4.3GB.

As an aside, i was warned about 12 months ago that the Quantum HD would eventually fail.

The computer is going fine apart from this noise.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

System specs are: IDT Winchip 2 3D Now; Win98; 64MB RAM; Diamond Viper V550 video card.


Darryl Lennane