View Full Version : Disabling Com 2 problem

24-02-2000, 04:15 PM
I am trying to fit a PCI modem into a MB-8500TAC motherboard. The board has an AMI bios. I have gone into the bios setup and disabled com 2 but when the computer starts up it still shows 2E8 against the com port even though it is disabled. The board has a couple of tag strips J35 and J36. Can anyone tell me if I need to change these settings to disable the port as well as disabling it in the bios. The settings for JP 35 and 36 in the manual do not make a lot of sense to me. There is a choice of USE Serial port and USE IR. It would seem one must choose one or the other options but what should I choose.
Any help appreciated.

Jeff Thompson

jeff.thompson @xtra.co.nz