View Full Version : IE6 will not open some pages

12-08-2003, 10:01 AM
Ever since I installed service pack 1, IE6 will not open certain links (from their properties, I think the pages that wont open are called javascript). I tried uninstalling/reinstalling IE6 without luck. I have searched the archives here, but they didn't offer anything that helped. Any suggestions?


Jim B
12-08-2003, 11:44 AM
Try this

In Internet Explorer go to Tools\Internet Options

1/ On the General tab press "Delete Files" then tick "Delete All Offline
Content" then press "OK". Now press "Delete Cookies" then "OK".
2/ On the Security tab press "Default Level" then press "Apply"
3/ On the Privacy tab press "Default" then press "Apply"
4/ On the Advanced tab press "Restore Defaults" then press "Apply" then "OK".

12-08-2003, 12:10 PM
Hi Jim

Thanks for that. Still no go. Also, I notice that nothing happens when I click on any shortcut to an internet site - for instance, the one you sent me in your email. I click it and nothing happens.


Jim B
12-08-2003, 12:42 PM
Try this first.

Start/Run and type in: REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL. Ok.
Then go to: IE/Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Reset Web Settings.

More info here (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q281679)

12-08-2003, 12:59 PM
Jim, you have saved my sanity, and probably the life of my computor. I was seriously about to take to it with a sledge hammer. Thank you. I could kiss and make love to you this very moment (providing you were a young, blonde female), but your name tells me otherwise. A mere handshake and prostrations at your feet will have to do.

Yours, eternally indebted,


12-08-2003, 01:29 PM
be careful of updates and service packs always have system restore point done if possible or even image the whole C: drive like I do onto another HDD etc