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Greg S
11-08-2003, 07:35 PM
I've got an older Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1, but my new motherboard has a pretty good spec'd onboard sound - any comments on which should be better? Currently using the onboard, and it sounds pretty good - features below:

SoundMAX Digital Audio System
The SoundMAX Digital Audio System is the industry's highest performance and most reliable audio solution for business professionals, audiophiles, musicians, and gamers. SoundMAX Digital Audio System can output 5.1 channel surround sound and features state-of-the-art DLS2 MIDI synthesizer with Yamaha DLSbyXG sound set, 5.1 Virtual Theater™ and supports all major game audio technologies including Microsoft DirectX™ 8.0, Microsoft DirectSound 3D™, A3D, MacroFX, ZoomFX, MultiDrive 5.1, A3D and EAX.


11-08-2003, 08:07 PM
I moved from a SB Live 4 channel to the onboard SoundMAX DAS when I upgraded. I haven't yet run more than my desktop speakers in this setup (I had 4 speakers operating most of the time in the SBLive), however I have noticed more interference from the mouse (I didn't get any from the mouse through the SBLive).

But other than that, so-far-so-good.


11-08-2003, 10:57 PM
There is only one way to find out.. what sounds better to YOU.

11-08-2003, 11:56 PM
I've done a similar switch.

SB Live 5.1 to realtek AC97. There is very little difference. Certainly not enought to get me to spend $80 on another sb live.

I can sort of hear a difference, but i couldn't say which is better. I think onboard sound eats quite a lot of cpu for things like EAX/A3D. Otherwise as JM said, whatever sounds better.