View Full Version : Unwanted drives

23-02-2000, 07:36 PM
Be interested to hear comment on following.Running Win95a, 64mb memory, Pentium 133, @ hard disks, 2Gb partitioned for C, E & F drives, 850mb D drive.G =Zip, H = CD Rom Unloaded latest update of McAfee anti virus, rebooted, Screen & mouse froze, reset(press any key or Cntrl+alt+del does not work in this situation), Screen froze during runup, reset, froze again, reset & started in safe mode, could find no problems, shutdown, window stated display problem, checked all settings correct, cl apply. Shut down ok, restarted all normal, run Scandisk ok, run defrag all drives. Found had acquired 2 new root drives called E & F. Former E & F were now H & I, CD Rom was now J. This stuffed up all E & F programmes + CD Rom . Shut down to allow blue smoke to disperse, went for a walk & came ready to use ERU. Rebooted, checked My Computer, the new E & F root directories had gone walkabout & the original drivers were all back to normal. The question is how & why did this happen . Frank